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1999 Audie Awards

  • Fiction, Abridged
    "Cloudsplitter," By Russell Banks, Read by George DelHoyo (Audio Literature)

  • Fiction, Unabridged
    "A Widow for One Year," By John Irving, Read by George Guidall (Random House AudioBooks)

  • Mystery, Fiction
    "The Third Man," By Graham Greene, Read by Martin Jarvis (The Audio Partners Publishing Corp.)

  • Classics
    "The Grapes of Wrath," By John Steinbeck, Read by Dylan Baker (Penguin Audiobooks)

  • Non-Fiction, Abridged
    "The Professor & The Madman," By Simon Winchester, Read by Simon Jones (Harper Audio)

  • Non-fiction, Unabridged
    "Full Circle," By Michael Palin, Read by the author (Chivers North America)

  • Personal Development
    "The Energy of Money," By Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., Read by the author (Sounds True)

  • Business Information
    "Entrepreneur November 1998," By Rieva Lesonsky, Elaine Fioreillo, Brian Ruberry, Cassandra Cavanah, Danielle Kennedy, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Henricks, and Jacquelynn Lynn, Read by Petrea Burchard, Milton Lawrence, John Matthew, Jim Rondeau, and Allison Strong (DriveTimes Inc.)

  • Motivational
    "Sales Closing for Dummies," By Tom Hopkins, Read by the author (Harper Audio)

  • Educational
    "French in a Box," By Donald S. Rivera, Read by the author (Penton Overseas, Inc.)

  • Children's
    "Lily's Crossing," By Patricia Reilly Giff, Read by Mia Dillon (Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing)

  • Inspirational
    "Still Me," By Christopher Reeve, Read by the author (Random House AudioBooks)

  • Humor
    'Ranting Again," By Dennis Miller, Read by the author (Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing)

  • Poetry
    "A Night Without Armor," By Jewel, Read by the author (Harper Audio)

  • Original Work
    "Creepers: Haunted Cattle Drive," By Connie Kingrey, Performed by Gerald Drake, James Ahrens, Jonathan Poland, Jackie Perlman, and Kevin Fitzgerald (K-tel International (USA), Inc.)

  • "You're Not Alone: Conversations with Breast Cancer Survivors and Those Who Love Them," By Edward Janus, interviews with breast cancer survivors, their partners, and children, Hosted by Karen Reichart (Voice Arts Publishing Company)

  • Solo Narration - Male
    "City of Darkness," By Ben Bova, Read by Harlan Ellison (Dove Audio, an imprint of NewStar Publishing)

  • Solo Narration - Female
    "Oliver Twist,"" By Charles Dickens, Read by Miriam Margolyes (The Audio Partners Publishing Corp.)

  • Solo Narration - Author or Authors
    "Still Me," By Christopher Reeve, Read by the author (Random House AudioBooks)

  • Multi-Voiced Narration
    "The Complete Bible, Old Testament," Read by Stephanie Beacham, Theodore Bikel, Roscoe Lee Browne, Christopher Cazenove, Stephen Collins, Julie Harris, Edward Herrmann, Juliet Mills, Roger Rees, John Rubinstein, David Warner, Alfre Woodard, and Michael York (Dove Audio, an imprint of NewStar Publishing)

  • Multi-Voiced Presentation
    "Titanic Disaster," By Tom Kuntz, Read by David Ackroyd, Susan Anspach, David Birney, Roscoe Lee Browne, Richard Cox, Harlan Ellison, Richard Gilliland, Mona Golabek, Michael Gross, Patrick Macnee, Gordon Thomson, William Windom, Michael York and others (Dove Audio, an imprint of NewStar Publishing)

  • Theatrical Productions
    "The Road to Mecca," By Athol Fugard, Performed by Julie Harris, Amy Irving, and Harris Yulin (L.A. Theatre Works)

  • Audiobook Adapted from Another Medium
    "Second Thoughts,' By Mort Crim, Read by the author (Health Communications, Inc.)

  • Package Design
    "Cold Mountain," By Charles Frazier, Read by the author (Random House AudioBooks)

  • Excellence in Innovation
    "Sounds Like Murder," (Random House AudioBooks)

  • Best New Publisher
    "Journey Through Pet Loss," By Deborah Antinori, MA, RDT, NCC, NBCCH, Read by the author (YokoSpirit Publications)

The Audie Awards are presented by the Audio Publishers Association for excellence in spoken audio publishing. For more information, visit the Audio Publishing Association home page.

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