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2000 Audie Awards

  • Fiction, Abridged
    "East of the Mountains," by David Guterson, read by Edward Herrmann (BDD Audio)

  • Fiction, Unabridged
    "I Know This Much is True," by Wally Lamb, read by George Guidall (Recorded Books, LLC)

  • Mystery, Fiction
    "The Breaker," by Minette Walters, read by Robert Powell (Chivers North America)

  • Classic, Fiction
    "The Screwtape Letters," by C.S. Lewis, read by John Cleese (Audio Literature, an imprint of NewStar Media Inc.)

  • Non-Fiction, Abridged
    "The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition," by Caroline Alexander, read by Michael Tezla, Martin Rubin (HighBridge Company)

  • Non-fiction, Unabridged
    "'Tis," by Frank McCourt, read by Frank McCourt (Simon & Schuster Audio)

  • Personal Development
    "How Men Have Babies," by Alan Thicke, read by Alan Thicke (The Audio Partners)

  • Business Information
    "Beer Blast," by Philip Van Munching, read by Philip Van Munching (Audio Book Club Publishing)

  • Motivational
    "Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners," by Joe Torre, Henry Dreher, read by Joe Torre (Simon & Schuster Audio)

  • Educational and Training
    "If You Can Talk, You Can Write," by Joel Saltzman, read by Joel Saltzman (The Audio Partners)

  • Children's Title
    "The Golden Compass," by Philip Pullman, read by Philip Pullman and a full cast (Listening Library/Random House)

  • Inspirational/Spiritual
    "Reason for Hope," by Jane Goodall, Phillip Berman, read by Jane Goodall (Time Warner AudioBooks)

  • Humor
    "How Paul Robeson Saved My Life," by Carl Reiner, read by Carl Reiner (NewStar Media Inc.)

  • Poetry
    "Realms of Gold, The Letters and Poems of John Keats," by John Keats, read by Samuel West, Matthew Marsh (Naxos AudioBooks UK)

  • Short Stories/Essays/Collections
    "Malice Domestic 6," by Edward Marston, Peter Lovesey, Dorothy Cannell, Peter Robinson, David Williams, Simon Brett, Catherine Aird, Marjorie Eccles, Jan Burke, Sarah Caudwell, Jon L. Breen, read by Patrick Macnee, Juliet Mills, Judy Geeson, Christopher Cazenove, Stephanie Beacham, Reed Diamond, William Windom (NewStar Media Inc.)

  • Solo Narration - Male
    "The Fencing Master," by Arturo Perez-Reverte, read by Michael York (NewStar Media Inc.)

  • Solo Narration - Female
    "Bridget Jones Diary," by Helen Fielding, read by Barbara Rosenblat (Recorded Books, LLC)

  • Solo Narration - Author or Authors
    "The Exorcist," by William Peter Blattey, read by William Peter Blattey (NewStar Media Inc.)

  • Multi-Voiced Narration
    "The Diaries of Adam & Eve: Translated by Mark Twain," by Mark Twain, read by Mandy Patinkin, Betty Buckley, Walter Cronkite (Fair Oaks Press (Fair Oaks Audio))

  • Multi-Voiced Presentation
    "Sherlock's Secret Life," by Ed Lange, Will Severin, read by Karl Malden, Elizabeth Young, John Romeo, Joel Leffert, David Bunce, Eileen Schuyler, Joel Aroeste, Elisabeth S. Rodgers, John McGuire (NYS Theatre Institute - Family Classic Audio Books)

  • Theatrical Productions
    "A Prairie Home Companion 25th Anniversary," by Garrison Keillor, read by Garrison Keillor (HighBridge Company)

  • Audiobook Adapted from Another Medium
    "The Dybbuk," by S. Ansky, read by Edward Asner, Theodor Bikel, Harlan Ellison, Marian Mercer, Kristoffer Tabori, Carl Reiner (NewStar Media Inc.)

  • Unabridged Fiction, Licensed or Distributed
    "Carry On, Jeeves," by P.G. Wodehouse, read by Martin Jarvis (The Audio Partners)

  • Non-Fiction, Licensed or Distributed
    "Lord Byron Poems," by Lord Byron, read by Douglas Hodge, David Horovitch, Derek Jacobi, Jeremy Northam, Dianna Quick, Prunella Scales, Sian Thomas (HighBridge Company)

  • Package Design
    "Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace - CD," by Terry Brooks, read by Alexander Adams (Random House Audiobooks)

The Audie Awards are presented by the Audio Publishers Association for excellence in spoken audio publishing. For more information, visit the Audio Publishing Association home page.

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